Carpaccio di manzo
Beef tenderloin carpaccio with champignons, parmesan cheese, olive oil and balsamic cream

Toast by traditional Italian recipe with tomato, basil and garlic

Scampi olio piri-piri
Scampi in hot olive oil with rosemary, piri-piri and garlic

Antipasto Ferrina (per 2-3 persone)
Garlic fingers served with grilled vegetables, marinated olives and Parma Ham

Insalata alla Siciliana
Mixed salad with fresh vegetables, feta cheese, olives and vinaigrette

Insalata di pollo e frutta
Grilled chicken breast served on lettuce with fruits
and creamy orange-honey sauce with red pepper

Insalata caprese
Mozzarellawith sliced tomato and fresh basil

Insalata dello chef
Scampi in butter sauce on crispy salads with fresh vegetables and roasted almond flakes

Insalata Caesare di pollo
Roman lettuce with grilled chicken, Parma Ham, croutons and the original Caesar sauce

Insalata Caesare di scampi
Roman lettuce with grilled scampi, Parma Ham, croutons and the original Caesar sauce

Zuppa di cipolla
Onion soup with cheese toast

Crema di pomodoro
Tomato cream with mozzarella and fresh basil

Minestra ai frutti di mare
Spicy fish and seafood soup on tomato broth

Zuppa di gulash Vesuvio
Beef tenderloin goulash soup with spinach and tomato

Fegato con cipolla a menta
Chicken liver braised in apple, onion with mint served with puree and mixed salad

Petti di pollo farcito con pomodori secchi
Grilled chicken fillet stuffed sundried tomatoes and basil in gorgonzola sauce
served with gnocchi and fresh vegetables

Fette di pollo fritto
Crunchy chicken tenders with chips and fresh cucumber

Filetto di pollo alla griglia
Grilled chicken breast with rosemary potatoes and fresh salad

Pork tenderloin in mushroom sauce,with spinach-potato dumplings and fresh vegetables

Fettine di maiale
Schnitzel served with egg, fresh lemon, French fries and steamed vegetables

Padella funghi con manzo
Pork tenderloin in champignons cream sauce, served in a pan,
with rosemary potatoes and steamed vegetables

Carne macinata cotolette
Home-made meat minced cutlet, with rosemary potatoes and glazed beets

Filetto alla griglia
Beef steak

Hamburger Set
Beef burger with fresh vegetables, French fries and ketchup

Controfiletto su pietra
Beef steak on a hot lava stone with rosemary potatoes and vegetables for grilling

Salmone alla griglia
Grilled salmon with potato-horseradish puree and buttery carrot

Frutti di mare alla tarantina
Seafood braised in tomatoes with garlic and herbs

Scampi alla griglia
Grilled tiger prawns with roasted tomato stuffed gorgonzola cheese
served with handmade bread

Pesce con crema a tre colori
Zander fillet in cream sauce with black olives, red and green peppers
with boiled potatoes and fresh vegetables

Pizza margherita
Pizza with cheese and tomato sauce

Pizza prosciutto
Pizza with ham, cheese and tomato sauce

Pizza prosciutto e funghi
Pizza with ham, cheese, champignons and tomato sauce

Pizza diavolo
Pizza with salami, peperoncino, capers, garlic and tomato sauce

Pizza prosciutto di Parma
Pizza with Parma Ham, cheese and tomato sauce

Pizza bianca
Pizza with cheese and mushrooms in cream

Spaghetti alla bolognese
Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti alla carbonara
Spaghetti with bacon and parmesan cheese, in a cream sauce

Spaghetti aglio olio
Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, leaves of parsley and piri-piri

Spaghetti aglio olio scampi
Spaghetti with scampi in olive oil with garlic and leaves of parsley

Tagliatelle frutti di mare
Tagliatelle with seafood, olive oil and garlic

Penne con pollo e funghi
Penne with chicken, mushrooms and spinach, with cream and parmesan cheese

Gelato alla ciliegia
Vanilla ice cream served with hot cherries

Gelato di Noci
Roast walnut ice cream

Brownie con gelato al basilico e limone
Strong chocolate dessert with aromatic basil ice cream

Ferrina torta di ricotta
‘Ferrina’ -ricotta cheesecake with chocolate sauce

Dessert by traditional Italian recipe

Fizzy drink
Coca Cola, Coca Cola zero, Kinley tonic, Sprite, Fanta

lemon, peach

mineral sparkling water

natural mineral water

orange, grapefruit, apple, blackcurrant, tomato

energy drink

San Pellegrino
Italian sparkling mineral water

Acqua Panna
Italian natural mineral water

Strong and aromatic coffee with Italian temperament

Espresso macchiato
Aromatic espresso with milk foam

Espresso with steam milk

Latte macchiato
Coffee with warm and steam milk

Caffe nero
Classic black coffee

Caffe con latte
Black coffee with milk

Piacetto gelato
Coffee with vanilla ice cream

Tee various flavours



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